Index of Essays Written in 2001/2002               Earlier Essays Written Between January 1997 and December 2000


January 5, 2001, Montréal  From Strength to Nemesis

January 26, 2001, Montréal (Re-) Inverting the Architectural Perspective

February 20, 2001, White Rock The Return of the ‘Feminine Principle’

 February 22nd, 2001, White Rock Helping Nature Do Its Thing

February 22, 2001, White Rock  Including the Tools of Inquiry in the Inquiry

February 28th, 2001, White Rock Big Brother is Watching!

March 12, 2001, White Rock Letter to A Medical Researcher (Dr. Henry C. Lin)

March 17, 2001, Montréal Traffic in Madness 

March 19th, 2001, Montréal The Geometry of Human 'Social Evolution' (aka 'Civilization')

April 10th, 2001, White Rock Heresy in the Making: The Rise of  Iconoclastic Youth

April 13, 2001, Montréal ‘Tar-Babies’ on the Plains of Abraham: The Real Story Behind the April 20th Quebec 'Summit of the Americas' Confrontation

April 21, 2001, Ville de Québec ‘Sequel to 'Tar-Babies on the Plains of Abraham'’

April 25, 2001 Montréal An ‘Inclusionalist Manifesto’

May 2, 2001, Montréal Our Forgetting of the 'Physics of Place' and How it Sources Social Dysfunction

May 5, 2001, Montréal Alternative Media and the Abuse of Rational Models

May 20, 2001, Toronto (Joint Presentation [Ted Lumley & Jacques Rainville] at the Subtle Technologies Conference)

'Inclusionality: An Immersive Philosophy of Environmental Relationships'

June 18, 2001, Montréal Relativistic Psychotherapy

June 24, 2001, Montréal The Revolution That Never Was

July 4, 2001, Dallas Politically Incorrect Humanism: The Works of Martine Dodds-Taljaard

(A tribute to Martine, who died on June 4th, 2001, and to her committed efforts to induce the 're-opportunizing of the disopportunized')

August 31, 2001, White Rock The Nigger-Maker Economy is our NME

September 30, 2001, White Rock From the Boston Tea-Party to the World Trade Center Massacre

November 28, 2001, Pender/Dallas Breakdown and Renewal in the Western World

January 6, 2002, Dallas Psyched-Out by our own Logic: Finding a Remedy

March 28, 2002, Victoria Resonance and Mysticism  

April 10, 2002, Victoria The Relativity of Community-Constituent Behaviors

August 19, 2002, Our Science-Constrained Education is Suffocating Us

October 7, 2002, An Interview with Zeno