Good$hare's Mission

New scientific insights, emerging under the banner of "Knowledge Management" (KM) are providing a unifying fabric, across science, business and the arts, for value creation and organizational learning.

Good$hare International is a not-for-profit, member-produced organization which "grounds" and leverages these new insights to engender paradigmatic transformation in work and investment approach. Good$hare not only targets difficult questions of business resilience and renewal, it does so in a manner which more fully actualizes human potentials and accounts for stakeholder and environmental need.

The cultivation of knowledge-based strengths in business, through creativity and collaboration, is explicitly defined and managed in the Good$hare approach. Good$hare's investment advisories "see" beyond traditional financial forecasts, by accounting for the contributions of organizational behavior and latent growth.

Good$hare's mission is to enhance the vision, voice and enfranchisement of all stakeholders in the economy through the pursuit of business solutions in which asset growth and investment returns are seen as the emergent offspring of human creativity and cooperation.

Good$hare is the eyes and ears, mind and heart of a membership committed to new levels of business and economic performance by actualizing new levels of integrity, trust and sharing in a multi-cultural, global business community.

* * *